Alocasia nebula imperialis
Alocasia nebula imperialis a

Alocasia nebula imperialis

This plant is, perhaps, one of the most sought after jewel Alocasias of all, and to know why one merely has to look at the pictures here! A stunning plant, it is also very challenging to grow to maturity. As you can see, we have two varieties or clones of this plant; the picture above was being marketed by Agri-Starts and the one below was made available by Malesiana Tropicals.

Alocasia nebula imperialis m

We have yet to bloom this plant, but do have hopes that we can hybridize it with one or more of our other Alocasias in order to develop a plant with the attractive qualities this one has but with the ease of growing that other, less finicky, Alocasia have.

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